Thorsten Krug

Eythstr. 29

Cologne, NRW 51103 DE

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Thorsten Krug is a senior full-stack web developer with a passion for open source software, agile teamwork and mobile-first architecture and design. He started creating websites in 1997 and graduated from a photo and media program engineering in 2006.

Experienced in backend PHP programming. Module/plugin development with popular CMS platforms are part of my skill set as well as a professional experience with decentralized blockchain technology.


Frontend development

Styleguide-driven development, component based architecture
HTML (all standards), CSS, SASS, LESS, clean code, accessibility, performance
Javascript, JS & CSS Frameworks, ES6, REACT, Vue, TypeScript, Angular2, Web3.
Node, Npm, Webpack, Gulp, Bootstrap, Foundation, KSS-Node...

Web Development

Drupal 6-8, Shopware, Wordpress, OpenCMS and many more
MVC, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Symfony
Phpstorm, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Balsamic Mockups, Adobe Premiere, Audition and more
Linux, Mac, MYSQL, Docker, high performance web
Git, SVN, professional workflows

Drupal development

Drupal Theming and Responsive Architecture
Drupal Module development (D6-D8)
Styleguide-driven theme development
Performance optimisation, caching, site building...


Jenkins, TravisCi, Pantheon with CI
Docker, Docker Compose, Vagrant, OSX, Homebrew, nvm, rvm
Debian, Ubuntu, Apache, Varnish, Memcached, Redis

Team building and organisation

Team focused, inclusive, open and knowledge sharing
Remote working experience, experience working in international teams
Agile: SCRUM, Kanban
Ticket systems: Redmine, Github, Jira ...


Drupal distribution developer, GzeVD / Publicplan / Freelance

Maintainer team for Drupal deGov and nrwGov distribution

  • Working with the maintainer team on the  deGov Drupal distribution
  • nrwGov - private distribution of the IT department at the state Northrhin-Westfalia

2019 - 2020

Frontend and Backend Developer, ConsenSys

Ethereum Startup Studio: Open Source and Enterprise development

  • Ethereum PHP Library  Ethereum-php
  • Drupal Ethereum module development and presentations at Camps and Conferences  Ethereum Drupal module
  • Web3-ready Ethereum Frontend Abstraction  Web3ready on github
  • Proof of Concept: React Frontend for an Ethereum blockchain land registry project (Dubai)

2017 - 2019

Frontend and Backend Developer, Reinblau

Member of freelance web developer cooperative.

2016 - 2018

Web Developer, Data in Transit GmbH

Frontend lead and backend developer at a high quality Drupal agency.

  • Mobile first architecture and frontend engineer for University Website
  • Drupal-based Intranet evaluation tool for a major German phone company
  • High productivity agile development with Scrum Teams
  • Introduced SMACSS standards-based CSS architecture

2014 - 2015

Web developer, Webmatch GmbH

Marketing-focused company creating and maintaining multiple Facebook games, e-commerce shops, and Drupal and CakePHP-based websites.

  • Numerous Facebook apps and competitions for well-known brands
  • Drupal webites
  • Shopware
  • WordPress
  • CakePHP websites
  • Refactoring Server Infrastructure
  • Implementing Asterisk phone system

2011 - 2013

Tech lead, Wergehthin LTD

City Events magazine startup

  • Tech and Team lead for 4 developers
  • Migrated/relaunched a Java-based site in Drupal 7
  • Responsive redesign in Drupal 7

2011 - 2013

Founder, Donkeymedia

Donkeymedia is my freelance company. I provide media engineering services, web development and photography.

  • Drupal engineering and theming
  • App and Frontend development. Style-guide driven development
  • Open Source software consulting and implementation
  • Webshop, Training and consulting for photographers
  • Documentary photography

2006 - 2099


Community member,

Module, Theming and Documentation commits to multiple Drupal projects. Supporter of Drupal community websites and events

  • Drupal Guru theme: Provides a SMACSS standards-based styleguide-driven theming approach for Drupal 8  Guru Theme
  • Maintainer of the Drupal Ethereum Module  Ethereum Module

2008 - 2099

Community member,

Wordpress extensions and community contributions

2010 - 2099

Activist, Activism for data liberation and humanity and freedom

I support organisations and loosely-bound activist groups caring for (data-)freedom, community, right to asylum and political change by working in media/public relations groups, providing digital support and creating and maintaining websites and donations.

  • Public relations groups for local activists
  • Chaos Computer Club (CCC), Cryptoparty

1997 - 2099


University of Applied Science Cologne

Graduate Engineer (Diplom Ingeieur FH), Photo Engineering / Media Technics

2001 - 2006


Color Management in the Internet (Thesis, German), Thorsten Krug, 2006-01-01

This document is an investigation of previous approaches for Color Management within the World Wide Web and analyses recommendations for Color Management of the W3C with respect to cross-media publishing using XML-based documents. The intended audience is web developers aiming to use Color Management functions within web applications. The practical part is about using open source software for server-side image manipulation.


German  Native speaker
English  Full Professional Proficiency. Experienced working in international companies.


Computers (Web and human interaction, Cryptography, Decentralisation, Ethereum, Internet Security, Hacking, Data journalism),
Photography (Documentary, Photojournalism, Darkroom, Digital Imaging),
DIY (Hands-on mentality, Electronics, Soldering, Raspberry Pi, Woodworking, Mechatronics, Caravans),
Sports (Climbing, Hiking, Cycling, Volleyball, Badminton)


An incomplete project list you can find on my website